My name is AJ and I am dedicated to guide people to their full biological potential. My only question is, will it be you?

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"Working with AJ is like having a doctor, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a life coach and an accountability partner in your corner. All in one."

-Adam, Executive, Former client

I help brilliant humans to optimize their daily inputs so they can show up as the best version of themselves in their life, business and career 


Multi-Dimensional Approach


Having worked with hundreds of people I know that addressing ONE area can be great for creating momentum, but it isn't going to elicit lasting change. I take a complete interdisciplinary approach to a human's body and behavioral psychology and focus ONLY on the adjustments that evoke the biggest change. We address your sleep, stress management, nutrition, movement, environment and mindset inputs, and find the best way for YOU to integrate them into your day-to-day so it becomes second nature.



Cookie-cutter solutions don't work. Minimalistic approach that is easy to implement does. I help you get clear on the EXACT action steps that are necessary to apply the Minimal Effective Dose approach (minimal inputs that are necessary for your desired outcomes). Now, everyone can take a few months of sheer grit and achieve some temporary results. I only focus on tools and skills that are going to last for the rest of your life.



The "magic" missing link that is often overlooked and makes all the difference. We establish a close connection and accountability cadence that guarantees rapid and transformational results.

Grab your Peak Performance Blueprint to tap into your full biological potential!


If you are reading this, you are lucky - you have access to internet, food and water. You are possibly a successful person - someone who is making a difference in the world or simply providing for your family. But what's all the success in the world worth if you don't have the energy to enjoy it?

First things first - you have to take care of your biology. If your body is constantly fighting to reach homeostasis, you're wasting your precious energy that you could utilize towards doing the things that matter. We will face your roadblocks together and address them with a multi-dimensional, personalized approach that would help you increase not just your life span, but your health span.


There is no universal diet. It's a process of learning what works for you as an individual. One food that is healthy for everybody else could be Achilles heel for you.


I take a time tested, scientific, segmental, sequential and strategic approach to nutrition that guarantees lasting change. We will work together to find the most nourishing way of eating for you. If necessary, we can personalize your nutrition through genetic, blood, microbiome and hormonal analysis.  


Exercise should not be a relentless death march on the treadmill. Exercise isn't necessarily about running a marathon or killing yourself with Crossfit workouts on a daily basis (unless that's exactly what you're looking for). If done right, you can stay in a great shape with less than 3 hours of your input/week.


Additionally, when it comes to staying fit, it's all about movement and those remaining 23 hours that you don't spend in the gym. 


The world deserves the most optimized version of YOU


We will get you there.


Stop wasting time following outdated strategies. Get clarity on how to reach your most optimized self FAST - Let's talk

What my wonderful clients are saying (good things)


Business Owner

"AJ's approach pushed me like nothing else. I know exactly what to do now and I'm in the best shape of my life and my family is incorporating AJ's recommended health practices as well."









"Since working with AJ I’ve lost body fat and gained strength, but what really makes me so thrilled with the results is the changes I've experienced in my mental health and mindset! I’ve suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety in the past on and off. Working with AJ has empowered me to resolve those issues and make long lasting changes in my lifestyle. I never knew until going through AJ's program that healthy lifestyle habits could feel so easy!"


Upper-level manager

"I learned a lot about my diet, cutting-edge techniques on optimizing my health and holistic approach to wellness. I always end up utilizing AJ's recommended tools and techniques and they seem to improve my health."







Research Analyst

"AJ put me on the right track when everyone was giving me confusing advice. No crazy diets or lifestyle changes. It just shows how consistent steps into the right direction and multi-dimensional approach are more powerful than any extreme lifestyle adjustments."



"Only when I started following AJ's advice, I finally lost weight and haven't bounced back. He made it super easy for me to maintain a good balance and I am able to go out and have a balanced lifestyle without the guilt that I used to have around food."




"Thanks to AJ I was able to overcome brain fog and regained my focus. I also learned how to get most out of my sleep and nutrition. I now know exactly what to do and it's become a habit."



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